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PERFORATIONS: MEMORY OF WATER project was a series of interdisciplinary activities circulating around the theme of water - one of the main resources of Gdańsk. Water creates its unique character and is the building block of local identity. An important inspiration for the project was also a book by Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto entitled Water - the Image of Life Energy, as well as the memories of survivors of the 2011 tsunami in Japan and the memories of refugees for whom water was the only way to escape.

The project encompassed also a series of open artistic workshops for persons from Monar Gdańsk-Matarnia and Occupational Therapy Workshop “Sinol” Co-operative Gdańsk.
The workshops were conducted by: Adriana Majdzińska (sculpture/visual installation); Yuko Kawamoto/Katarzyna Pastuszak/Aleksandra Śliwińska (dance). All workshops were free of charge and concluded with demonstrations.

Production: Amareya Art Association

Partners: Gdańsk City Council, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Monar Gdańsk-Matarnia, Occupational Therapy Workshop “Sinol” Co-operative Gdańsk

Funding: financed from the Gdańsk City funds

Elements of the project:

+ premiere of performance/installation The Memory of Water / Barbara Kinga Majewska, Katarzyna Pastuszak, Joanna Duda, Aleksandra Śliwińska, Yuko Kawamoto, Bartosz Cybowski

+ installation Hado / Adriana Majdzińska

+ installation Liquid video session / curatorial project by Magdalena Smolak presented in cooperation with the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk

+ installation Opowieści z wody (Tales from the water) / Anna Domańska

+ installation Zobacz! Nie widzę. (See! I can't see) /  Zuzanna Klein

+ performance Vermilion Bubbles / Aya Irizuki (Japonia)

+ performance Z wody (From the water) / Aurora Lubos

+ performance Witajcie/Welcome / Aurora Lubos

+ presentation of a film documenting the workshops led as part of the project with the participation of persons from Monar Gdańsk-Matarnia and Occupational Therapy Workshop “Sinol” Co-operative Gdańsk / Anna Domańska

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